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Are you moving intelligently?

Our movement depends on the constant flow of messages between our brain and myofascial system. Our brain remembers patterns of movement, stores them and then performs them habitually. Sometimes our movement can be altered by pain, stress or environmental factors such as chairs etc.   Unfortunately these altered, non-optimal movements can become habitual as our brain doesn’t discriminate between good and bad movement! Although there is definitely no one right posture and no one right way of moving there is some evidence that our posture and the way we move can contribute to both our risk of injury and the perpetuation of an injury.   This is why developing and maintaining body awareness is so important. One way of learning this skill is through practicing one of the movement...


Are your beliefs about pain a help or hindrance?

All personal break-throughs begin with a change in beliefs.’ Anthony Robbins   I suffered from low back pain during much of my 20’s. A major turning point occurred when I started working with a practitioner who challenged my beliefs and fears about my back and made me move in ways that I had been previously told would be detrimental. I gradually stopped regarding my back as something fragile and weak that unless carefully managed would ‘go out’ of alignment or ‘get locked’ – instead I recognised its inherent strength and durability. Looking back I realise I had developed a view of my injury that was very limiting and that had perpetuated my pain and prevented healing to occur. Interestingly there is now a huge amount of research emerging...


How healthy is your back?

  We often attribute the excruciating discomfort of back pain to a small and insignificant movement such as bending down and doing up a shoelace. However it is more likely the pain has been caused by months or even years of accumulative strain and in fact doing up that shoelace was just the last straw. Being more conscious of mild aches and pains and stiffness might be the solution as these are often early warning signals that our body is out of balance and that action is required. Don’t ignore these important signals until it is too late. If you answer yes to any of the questions below, take action to help improve your musculoskeletal health!   Musculoskeletal Health Check   Do you suffer aches, pains or stiffness in one...