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I just wanted to put pen to paper and congratulate you on the service that you provide. For the last year I have seen Marcus for various aches and pains associated with playing too much golf … I have no hesitation in recommending him to all my fellow golfers!

H. Taylorson, East Horsley

I am a full time physical training instructor and often recommend Marcus to my students when they require treatment. His experience in Martial Arts, Yoga and physical training make his particularly empathic to the sort of injuries incurred in these disciplines. I have no hesitation in providing an unreserved recommendation for his abilities and treatments

M Worsfold, Ockham

Having been a very active golfer suffering from back and shoulder problems for several years, Marcus’ treatment has ensured that I can continue to play the gave I enjoy several times a week. During my treatment, Marcus has helped me look at my personal fitness and find the cause of my health problems in just a couple of sessions. Marcus was very understanding when talking me through my situation and the solution was simple as long as I followed his recommendations. Marcus has always been supportive and down to earth. He is very encouraging when devisinga fitness plan to follow and made me feel confident enough to start making the necessary changes and look forward to a continued healthier lifestyle

R. Spencer. Bookham

Having suffered from regular bouts of lower back pain for a number of years and tried a number of osteopaths, physiotherapists and chiropractors I feel that with Marcus I have at last found someone who actually understands what is going on and can keep this under control. I would also add that Marcus does not employ some of the more brutal techniques that I have experienced with other therapists and I am always confident that a visit will be a painless experience. I have no hesitation in recommending his services

R Wyld, Effingham

Over the last 5 years Marcus has been treating me. I have received very friendly, professional and effective care. Marcus has always been very flexible and willing to work around my time constraints. He is always focusing to improve himself and try different techniques. Furthermore Marcus has been very helpful in providing medical certificates and letters with explanation of my progress. I am happy to say that I can recommend Marcus’ treatment to my best friends!

J de Groot, Guildford

I can whole heartedly recommend Marcus as an osteopath. Not only is he very quick and effective at dealing with any problems but he also shows genuine interest in helping me to improve my overall health

C. Thibaut, London


Marcus has a first class system of back exercises which are extremely effective and stop my back from going into the spasms I used to suffer from. He is particularly interested in sports and maintaining my participation in cycling and squash which does get more difficult as you get a bit older.

R Wyld, Effingham


I have no hesitation in recommending using this excellent exercise routine for back pain once your G.P. has excluded more serious problems

Dr Jane Brown


… reflects the high standard that I have come to expect from Marcus who is one of the best yoga teachers I have worked with.

Jenny Fowler, School Head and Yoga Teacher


Marcus has helped me enormously when I was in pain. After only one treatment my back was much better. What I liked was the way in which explained everything he did. I can highly recommend him

D.Bracey, Cobham


.. he was recommended to me in the first instance for a neck pain that I had and that meant turning my head was almost impossible. After one session with Marcus I felt human again!..

H. Taylorson, East Horsley


The first time I met Marcus I had a shoulder problem, a barrel of beer fell on it! I was in agony but three visits later and I could go back to work… I would recommend Marcus for his caring personality and helpfulness

D. Williams, Effingham


After totally loosing mobility in my shoulder and agony, sought treatment with Marcus. Pain gone almost straight away, got total mobility back, no reoccurrence at all – almost miraculous!

J. Parry, Horsley