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Are your beliefs about pain a help or hindrance?

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Are your beliefs about pain a help or hindrance?

All personal break-throughs begin with a change in beliefs.’ Anthony Robbins


I suffered from low back pain during much of my 20’s. A major turning point occurred when I started working with a practitioner who challenged my beliefs and fears about my back and made me move in ways that I had been previously told would be detrimental. I gradually stopped regarding my back as something fragile and weak that unless carefully managed would ‘go out’ of alignment or ‘get locked’ – instead I recognised its inherent strength and durability. Looking back I realise I had developed a view of my injury that was very limiting and that had perpetuated my pain and prevented healing to occur.

Interestingly there is now a huge amount of research emerging from the field of pain science (http://www.bodyinmind.org/) that suggests the beliefs about our injuries can influence our experience of pain. Therefore if you suffer from a chronic injury it might be worth stepping back and reflecting on your particular beliefs.  Write a list of empowering beliefs (often quite difficult!) and write a list of limiting beliefs (often quite easy!).

‘My disc has slipped’, ‘my bones are out of alignment’, ‘I’ve got one leg longer than the other’, ‘I’ve got degeneration in my back’ – if any of these beliefs are familiar then try challenging them! Where do these beliefs come from? Remember beliefs are often neither right nor wrong just helpful or unhelpful– are they contributing to your chronic pain state or helping you out of pain and back to free and fearless movement?


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